Thursday, 27 June 2013

Human For Sale

You may find this documentary interesting.  According to recent reports from the TIPS ( Russia, Uzbekistan and China are amongst the worst nations in the world for human trafficking, as what was recently learned.  Of course they responded stating slamming the US for the report and denying what they said (

But as you can see in this video, the majority of the women trafficked into Thailand happen to be from Uzbekistan and Russia.  Many are also from China mind you.  But this goes to show that it is, in fact, a very serious issue facing those countries.  These women are often mothers that have families back at home, and are threatened to remain in prostitution.  They threaten to kill their family, kill the woman, and so on in order to make them fearful enough to not even go to the police.  And if they do, enough police and officials are corrupted that they could still finish the act.

There are plenty of other videos similar to it.  Such as "The Price of Sex".  You can see this video here:

Or see the trailer here:

This movie also outlines the corruption and the disgusting nature of the entire industry.

We should also mention that we had received a letter from a woman involved within the human trafficking sex industry.  She was initially raped by her family, kicked out by her mother, and then when she thought she had finally escaped.. the police pulled her over, raped her, and forced her into prostitution.  She had even tried to escape once, but the police easily caught her and forced her right back in.

This is why what we are doing is important.  This is why we are fighting for this cause.

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